Three Things about ECDL

Employers need people who can contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient and productive way. ECDL gives you the computer skills to do this. That’s why it is recognised and valued by companies around the world as the benchmark in IT user competence. Over 2 million people have taken ECDL in the UK alone. (Source: BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT). 

1. Employers Want ECDL: Employers want you to have ECDL because they recognise that you have an essential life skill, i.e. the ability to use a computer effectively. ECDLWhatever your age, when you develop your computer skills you are demonstrating that you have developed your knowledge, understand, and expertise in using technology to improve your personal and professional lives. Professionally, the ECDL qualification makes you more attractive to employers and increases your ability to communicate and access information and services in your personal life.

2. Core IT User Skills: ECDL qualification covers the Core IT User skills and applications that are commonly used in many organisations throughout the world. ECDLWhen you complete the qualification you will improve your basic IT skills and understanding of IT applications. As well as learning how to use the software efficiently you will also learn how to use a computer confidently and effectively, and develop your communication, problem-solving, and creativity skills.

3. The New ECDL Offers More Flexibility: ECDL continues to be the most popular IT qualification on the QCF framework with an increasing number of learners finding the ECDL qualifications more attractive. With the New ECDL, you are still able to access the current qualifications – ECDL Essentials, Extra and Advanced. The BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT has introduced 5 new qualifications that form part of Flexi ECDL. You are therefore able to design your ECDL qualification by choosing from a number of units to meet your unique requirements.

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Aspyra is an Accredited ECDL Test Centre, providing the full range of ECDL Courses via Classroom and Online/Distance Learning.  

As an ECDL Test Centre, you can arrange to take your ECDL tests at mutually convenient dates and times.

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