8 Reasons why touch-typing is good for business

E-type is an online touch typing course that is designed for perfecting individuals’ keyboard skills equipping your employees with good keyboard skills is one simple initiative that will increase productivity and maximize efficiency across your workforce. Here are 8 reasons why touch-typing is good for your business:

1. Essential Job Requirement: Touch typing training is fast becoming an essential requirement within the UK. With around 95% of business documents being electronic and more communication now taking place by email than telephone, fast and accurate keyboard skills are becoming an essential requirement in the workplace.

2. Increase Efficiency and Productivity: E-type enables individuals to perfect their touch typing skills and increase their efficiency and productivity within the workplace. E-type therefore identifies and addresses any bad habits that are already formed by some people who have being typing with one or two fingers for years, and it can help to reduce instances of repetitive strain injury.

3. Boosts Employees Skills and Performance: Fast and accurate keyboard skills boost overall staff performance and enable them to complete tasks quicker, with less error and give organisations that much needed competitive edge. Online typing through E-type therefore gives employees the keyboard skills they need to get the most from the computers and text-based technology in your business.

4. Ease and Simplicity: E-type is a sure way of equipping your employees with good keyboard skills. This touch typing course offers learners ten easy-to-follow lessons with interactive exercises and handy hints to enhance their progression through the course.

5. Suitable for all Staff: It really does not matter who you are within your organisation. E-type offers touch typing training that caters for all staff at all levels – from new starters to time-pressed directors.

6. Learn at Your Own Pace: With e-type, your employees will learn at their own pace and can take a break whenever they need and return to the point where they left off.

7. Fun and Flexibility: E-type offers a fun and flexible way to learn, giving employees the chance to learn how to touch type quickly and accurately, without looking at the keyboard. As an Online training program, e-type is designed for flexible delivery across organisations. All your employees need is access to a computer with internet connection.

8. Qualification: E-type delivers a nationally recognised qualification at two levels – the BCS Level 1 Award in Touch Typing and the BCS Level 2 Award in Touch Typing.

Touch-typing through E-type is an essential skill for Everyone.

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