ICDL Courses

The International Certification of Digital Literacy (ICDL) is an internationally recognised qualification for computer users. ICDL improves learners’ understanding of computers and promotes the efficient use of the software. The course opens up a variety of opportunities through the broad range of skills it provides. The qualification is widely recognised by employers as proof of ability and competence when working with IT. Aspyra offers the following ICDL qualifications:

ICDL (7 Units)
ICDL Essentials
ICDL Extra
ICDL Advanced

Aspyra offers the ICDL courses through structured learning programmes which are either via direct delivery, online or distance learning which are all packed with exercises and assessments to prepare learners to successfully achieve their chosen qualification.

As an Approved ICDL Test Centre, learners can also take their ICDL Exams at Aspyra at mutually convenient dates and times.

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