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Microsoft Word

  1. Microsoft Word 2010 - Beginner


    This course introduces you to basic word processing and the basic commands, functions and capabilities of Microsoft Word 2010. It is ideal for those computer users who are new to word processing or are only going to use Word occasionally. You will learn how to use the basic features of Word 2010, enter and edit texts, browse documents, format text, use tables, insert headers and footers, proof and print documents, and insert graphics.

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  2. Microsoft Word 2010 - Intermediate


    This course provides you with a comprehensive review of Microsoft Word basics while adding more features, functions and data handling techniques. The training is designed for computer users who use Microsoft Word on a regular basis. Delegates will become more proactive when producing word processing documents, while using a wide range of customary tools to design the perfect document.

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  3. Microsoft Word 2010 - Advanced


    This Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced course is for individuals who want to learn how to to use the advanced features of Microsoft Word. You will learn how to performmail merges, create and use forms, and create master documents and other lengthy documents containing references such as indexes, footnotes, bibliographies, and tables of contents. You will also learn how to create macros, customize the Quick Access toolbar and keyboard shortcuts, and work with XML documents.

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